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Executive Board

Bill Lamberson


Name: Bill Lamberson
Research Focus:
Physiological Genetics
Hometown: Palmer, NE

Undergrad and PhD degrees:
University of Nebraska (BS and PhD);
Master's Degree:
Oregon State University


Lauren Mayo


Name:Lauren Mayo, Ph.D. Student
Research Focus:
Reproductive Physiology and Endocrinology
PI: Dr. Matthew Lucy

Hometown:Riverview, Florida
Education:M.S. in Animal Sciences
-Dairy Systems Management,
University of Kentucky;
B.S. in Animal Sciences-
Dairy Industry, University of Florida

Addison Byrne

Vice President

Name:Colwayne D. Morris, Ph.D. Student
Research Focus:
Monogastric Nutrition
PI: Dr. Jeffre Firman

Hometown: Georgetown, Guyana

Education:M.S. Animal Science,
University of Missouri-Columbia;
B.S. Agriculture (Animal Science option).
University of Guyana


Paula Chen


Name:Paula Chen, Ph.D. Student
Research Focus:
Reproductive Physiology
PI: Dr. Randall Prather

Hometown: Canton, OH
Education: M.S. Animal Sciences-Functional Genomics,
Ohio State University
B.S. in Animal Sciences-Nutrition,
Ohio State University


Sara Nilson


Name:Sara Nilson, Ph.D. Student
Research Focus:Beef cattle genomics and genetics
PI: Dr. Jared Decker

Hometown:McKinney, TX
Education: M.S. Animal Science,
University of Nabraska-Lincoln
B.S. Animal Science
Oklahoma State University